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Chapter 844 : Luffy vs Sanji

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Chapter 844 just released and in contrast to other chapters, this one completely focussed on 1 storyline instead of a bit of everything. The whole chapter was dedicated to the reunion between Luffy and Sanji. Because of this, the chapter discussion will be shorter and less divided into subcategories, because it will all be about that dialogue between captain and cook.

I. Luffy vs Sanji

The chapter starts off with the continuation of the round of insults that Sanji is throwing to a visibly confused Luffy. After Sanji finishes rambling about how shitty the Straw Hats are, Luffy asks for confirmation by asking if Sanji has been lying to him and the rest of the crew all this time. After Sanji confirms that this is the case, he uses Diable Jambe and starts viciously attacking Luffy, to which the Germa 66 soldiers react with awe. Although Sanji starts off by kicking Luffy in the face, Luffy can’t accept Sanji’s words and decides to not fight back. Sanji tells him to go and don’t come back, to which Luffy responds with ‘Not doing that either’. After this, Sanji continues his attack and keeps hitting Luffy, who decides to just stay still and take the hits without fighting back. During the continuous barrage of attacks, Sanji keeps getting flashbacks to when Luffy invited him to the Straw Hat Pirates, which shows us that saying this to Luffy and attacking him like this is really painful and troubling for him.


Sanji kicks Luffy in the face.

After being hit several times, Luffy, who was already exhausted because of his fight with Cracker, is bleeding and looks tired. Nonetheless, a seemingly annoyed Sanji launches a series of hard-hitting attacks on his exhausted former captain. Nami, who has been watching from the sidelines, can’t take it anymore and begs Sanji to stop and tells him that he has won and that she and Luffy will leave, to which Luffy instantly responds with; “I ain’t movin’ an inch.” After this line, Sanji gets another flashback to when Luffy invited him to the crew, and he decides to finish off his former captain with a kick on the top of the head. Luffy falls down to the ground, and Sanji walks back to his carriage, when Nami suddenly walks towards him and gives him a slap to the face and says him farewell, to which Sanji reacts with an adverting stare.


Nami slaps Sanji in the face.

Just when Sanji has taken his seat again, and the carriage continues its road to the Whole Cake Chateau, Luffy gets back on his feet and yells; “You ain’t getting’ off that easy, Sanji!”. Luffy continues to tell a visibly shaken Sanji that he should cut the crap, and that he has never heard him say anything so fake and forced. He then calls Sanji a horrible Liar, and asks him if he really thinks that his words and actions from just now will be enough to get rid of Luffy, or if it is enough to make Luffy turn his back on him. He tells Sanji that he of all people should know better. Luffy then calls out to Sanji and says that the more he kicked him and the harder he kicked him, Luffy wasn’t the one feeling the pain of those kicks, it was Sanji himself. After hearing this, Sanji starts crying with his hand covering his face. After Reiju asks Sanji if they should stop the carriage, Sanji tells them to carry on.

Luffy keeps yelling to the carriage that they are not done yet and that their adventures are waiting for them, and he then promises that he will not budge an inch from his spot until Sanji comes back. If Sanji doesn’t come back, Luffy will starve himself to death on that very spot. While a crying Sanji is getting mocked by his brothers, Luffy yells that he is not taking another bite of anything unless it comes from Sanji’s hands and he practically begs Sanji to come back, because he can’t become pirate king without him.


Sanji being mocked by his brothers.

II. The Aftermath

This was a very emotional chapter that ultimately strengthened the bond between Luffy and Sanji, and it has most likely also strengthened Sanji’s resolve to return to his crew, no matter what. Another important thing to note, is that Luffy is going on a hunger strike until Sanji returns to him. If Luffy keeps his word, it would mean that he will not go towards Big Mom’s castle and will presumably not fight Big Mom or any higher up at the castle, and Sanji will have to deal with the whole situation by himself, or the potential help from anybody that is in the vicinity of the castle like Brook and Pedro, Jinbe, or Chopper and Carrot. I can’t wait to find out if Luffy is actually going to stay out of the ordeal at the wedding and the tea party, and if Luffy will not be there to save the day, how will Sanji get out of this sticky situation?


Luffy tells Sanji that he needs him.

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